Content Development

We create all kinds of content.


In today’s digital landscape, content controls your brand. Whether we’re working on press releases, blog posts, reports, white papers, case studies, or even bylined articles on behalf of our clients, the Cornerstone team always puts you–and your message–first.


It’s important to create and maintain a content plan. These typically include a variety of content types. If you’re looking to create a blog, why not elevate it and consider a blogzine instead? With a blogzine, content is created by your team. The difference is that you are also soliciting and accepting content from others as well. This is especially effective when you have an editorial calendar and maintain relationships with a wealth of high value contributors outside your organization.


Why we love blogzines.


Have you ever read a blogzine? There are many reasons why we love them, including: pr value, keyword value, and a higher level of readership. Blogzines also tend to elevate your company’s graphic and digital value.


We’ve helped clients create blogzines. When contributors participate, they often share their pieces on social media, which garners more attention for your business and your blog. Regardless of the type of blog you post, consider adding content from relevant external contributors. It’s a win/win for everyone.


Custom reports often get media coverage.


Looking for a creative content solution? Consider a custom report. High value custom reports elevate companies, products, and verticals. They highlight thought leaders and can even drive an industry in a new direction. Best of all, the media love them.


Custom reports don’t use templates and they aren’t written for sheer SEO value. Selecting a relevant topic that showcases your expertise is essential in today’s market. Reports aren’t sales tools by nature. However, they can be used in the sales process to offer a new form of insight into an industry segment. The best reports are timely, fresh, on topic, and contain third party validation within their content.


A custom report can set the industry standard for the future. It’s also important to update your report regularly and share it through appropriate social, digital and media channels.


Finding that third party validation and constructing your report is what we do best.


Keywords matter.


Strategically placing keywords in every piece of content helps your business rank and has inherent SEO value. We research keywords and use them in the content we create. We don’t retrofit around them. Instead, we create a natural fit that makes sense.


Our content team works with our digital, marketing, and public relations teams, so your message is consistent, on brand, and engages readers. We’re timely, cost-effective, and understand the specific goals for each piece of content Cornerstone creates.


The best content is content you want to read.


The best content is the content you feel proud to share. It’s content that’s fresh, and that you want to read yourself. It teaches you something you may not know or elevates your expertise. Whether it’s a thought leadership piece in a major magazine, a press release, or another form of content, at the end of the day, the best content is always the most relevant content.