Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing requires more than social media.


Social media is important, but it’s only one facet of digital marketing. Cornerstone’s digital practice area includes social media, website design, retargeting, SEO, lead generation, and other digital advertising modalities. Digital marketing, as practice, has seen explosive growth over the past decade.


Digital marketing has permeated every aspect of our personal and professional lives. That is why creating an effective strategy requires a deep understanding of your goals, audience, and budget before undertaking a campaign.


Digital marketing embraces creativity.


Data-driven reporting and creativity make fantastic partners, especially when it comes creating a successful digital campaign. Does your social media message match the one on your website? Are you consistent across all channels? Remember, digital marketing puts your brand on the internet, engages current and future customers, generates leads, and builds trust.


It is more than pay-per-click (ppc).


There are many types of digital advertising. PPC advertising is only one of them. When making smart decisions, you also must consider email marketing, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, native advertising, retargeting, and social media advertising.


Algorithms change rapidly. Your campaign should, too.


Google algorithms are constantly changing and being updated. In many cases, the results that you got just a few months ago from a campaign won’t remain the same. Staying ahead in the SEO universe requires refreshing online content and search engine optimization (SEO) frequently.


SEO is the foundation of all successful digital marketing campaigns. Unfamiliar with how SEO works? Here’s a quick primer:

There are three main types of SEO. On-page SEO is the act of optimizing your website through specific keywords. These keywords help you rank higher in search engines. While not guaranteed, it certainly can make a difference. Off-page SEO helps optimize your online presence through third party backlinks. The higher value the backlink, the greater the impact to your ranking. That’s why companies often look for specific backlinks first—however, optimization doesn’t occur through backlinks alone. They are merely one part of the process.


Back-end SEO is the final type, and is technically based in your website’s coding, development, structured data, and image compression. Creating it requires a highly technical understanding.


You’ve got your SEO set up. Now what?


Your SEO is secured—or so you think? Content marketing and SEO are closely tied to one another. To stay relevant, you must keep your content fresh. This includes everything from blogs and graphics to white papers and reports. Regardless of the path you choose, make sure your content is SEO competitive.


Our partners are experts.


We partner with Worth Social for our digital marketing. For over a decade, Worth Social has worked with clients throughout the digital landscape. Through careful planning, strategic digital marketing, and a data-driven approach, Worth Social engages followers, leads customers to client sites, and helps build trust in the social realm.


Worth Social offers clients full reporting and data analysis so they can make educated decisions. Many years ago, a popular commercial proclaimed that “An educated consumer is our best customer.” The Worth Social team creates consistency, brand awareness, and helps to enhance engagement.


Whether working on a social media campaign, an SEO project, or PPC program, the team understands the importance of generating momentum and brand equity. By engaging with Cornerstone’s public relations team, we focus on creating emotional attachments that build connections and drive engagement.